Generating an Authentication Code to Access Mercurial

I am installing a Mercurial source control server and discovered RhodeCode. This is not bad for me. However, I would like to have a Google Code-like feature where the user can generate an authentication code to access the original control from the Mercurial client. Is there another Mercurial server that can do this, or is there a built-in RhodeCode function that I didn't know?



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No, this feature does not currently exist: neither RhodeCode / Kallithea nor hgweb

supports it.

The closest thing to this is probably RhodeCode and Kallithea support for the API key . The key is private for this user, but using the key, he can trigger events in RhodeCode from scripts. This will prevent you from running

hg clone http://hg.server/foo?key=123


so this is not exactly what you want. I'm sure Kallithea can be expanded to do this as well as possible hgweb




The RhodeCode 3.0 series introduces a new auth_tokens authentication mechanism. This allows users to use it exactly the way it works in Google code. Just enable auth_tokens in authentication plugins, and then users can create custom tokens with VCS role in the frontend. This will allow you to access the RhodeCode repos using this token.

Tokens can have expiration dates and can be revoked at any time.



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