How to skip the option to update the update cart in magento?

I am new to Magento and I am using Magento Ver. - Custom Beta

. My client will ask me to skip the update cart (

) step and go directly to the checkout (

) page . That is, when the user clicks the button BUY NOW

, they should go directly to the checkout page and not update the shopping cart.How can I do this? Are there any options in the admin panel or should I edit the code, if so, where can I find the BUY NOW action. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance ...


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First, why are you using the beta? Version has an official version just like

It is generally a bad idea to skip the Cart phase as users are expecting it. However, if you really want to, you can override the function addAction

in the CartController

module Mage/Checkout

. It's in app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/controllers/CartController.php

. For more instructions on overriding controllers, read this article . You want to keep most of the code in the function the addAction

same, just change the redirect at the end to go to Mage::getUrl('checkout/onepage')




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