Ipa file won't install on client device

I created a build file with Development Provisioning, I selected 5 devices for this provisioning profile. Ipa does not install on client devices and successfully installed on the remaining 4 devices. There were the following things: -

I checked device UDID , it is proper. 
Set device restrictions off for installing apps.
Set minimum deployment target to 4.3 and client is having 4.3 ios version iphone


The device shows "Failed to install IPA" even when this warning appears. Ipa file is disconnected from iTunes.

Can anyone tell what the possible reasons for this might be.


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Go to iphone Settings -> General ---> Profiles -> Click Delete ...!

Connect iphone to mac goto open xcode in window menu -> organizer -> Tap the device , find the iphone name and click on it to show the use for development click the button to enter itunes connect username and password, and Provisioning install successfully ..!

Try to install the ipa file again ...!



Are you sending a Service Delivery Profile to your client? I send the provisioning profile to all devices every time and also create an ipa file with this profile.

the client has to drag the profile and the * .ipa file to itunes (it doesn't matter if it's windows or mac).

First, I also have problems with this.
And at momemt I use http://testflightapp.com/ (the site explains everything clearly)

you need to register as a developer, upload your binary, send an invitation letter to your client, he also needs to register. after which his device will be added to your account, and you can exchange updates over the air. it can do updates with testflightapp if you download a new binary (it will be notified by mail).

I'm not sure if this will help you, but in the future you can still save time and not check profiles 10 times.



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