Preg_replace all non-digit characters except + at the beginning of the line

Assuming an input string +123-321+123 345

using PHP regex functions, I would like to remove all non-digit characters ( [^\d]

) except for the character +

at the beginning. +

may or may not be present, so given the string, the 123-321+123 345

result should be the same ( 123321123345


The current workaround is to check for +

then launch preg_replace('/[^\d]+/', '', $string)

, but I'm sure there should be a purely regular solution for this problem.



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try it




coincides with [^\d]


is a negative lookbehind, which ensures that the beginning of the line must not be before a digit.

This expression will match all non-digits that are not the beginning of a line.

preg_replace('/(?<!^)\D|^[^+\d]/', '', $string)




Use positive lookbehind.

preg_replace('/(?<=\d)[^\d]+/', '', $string)




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