Invalid Win32 program with C runtime libs 2011 on WinXP

I copied the program in Visual Studio 2011 to Windows Preview using v110 toolkit (c runtime 2011) and it refuses to run on Windows XP even with the required DLL versions for the 2011 library (from VC / redist /). It states that the file is not valid for a Win32 application. How can I get this application to work on XP?


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VS 11 Beta does not support Windows XP as a target platform (or as a development platform, just to be complete).

There have been some statements from Microsoft employees that may change for RTM.

But I would not hold my breath.

If you are adventurous, here is an article detailing how you can create your own library that will iron out things that prevent the runtime library from allowing you to load your application on WinXP:

Update (June 15, 2012):

Microsoft has revised to prevent VC ++ 2012 from targeting Window XP. Unfortunately, the decision is too late to target WinXP in RTM, so you'll have to wait for the next update:



Applications compiled with Visual Studio 11 won't run on XP. Please vote for this request - perhaps Microsoft will make its mistake then.



Use a 32-bit cross-compiler, or rebuild your application on Windows XP for 32-bit.



Unfortunately there are changes in the PE version as well as the CRT for Visual Studio 2011 which means that even with the binary modification (yuk) XP is not supported. To quote the answer from Microsoft :

Visual Studio 11 Beta does not support Windows XP. As far as Visual Studio is concerned, there is no such information in the 11 final release yet. We will refer to the official website for the supported OS.



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