Images do not fit on Motorola Razr 4.7 screen

I am testing my app on different devices and Motorola Razr has smaller images and the layout is wrong.

  • The screen size of this device is classified as normal. Like the other devices I test on.
  • I have placed all my images in 5 different available folders (drawable-hdpi, drawable-ldpi, drawable-mdpi, drawable-tvdpi, drawable-xhdpi). However, the images are smaller ...

Is there a way to get the layout in the same way as other devices? (HTC, Samsung, etc.)


I have a 480X556 image and I put it in the drawable-hdpi folder. In XML, I was putting the background width of the image at - android: layout_width = "320dp". Everything works fine on all "normal" screens except screen 4.7. I don't want to change the xml, but I am adding another image to a different folder. 1) Which folder should I move the new image to? 2) What width in pixel should I give to make it fit the screen without my XML touch and leave it on android: layout_width = "320dp"?


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If it's a normal

4.7-inch screen, it will use the resources in the folder drawable-xhdpi


If you are mdpi

images with 48x48 pixels, your images xhdpi

should be 96x96 pixels. You can use drawable-nodpi

it if you want the exact pixel size, not the density size.



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