What are the (unconfirmed) Delphi XE2 Starter Edition limitations (if any)?

It's unclear to Embarcadero how much the XE2 Starter Edition restrictions on the order page differ.

I have a license for Delphi 2007 Pro and I want to upgrade to XE2 due to Unicode and 64-bit compilation. Can I do this with the XE2 Starter Edition?

Can I add third party components as well?

Are there any major restrictions on this edition (other than the license terms)?


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Q: Is a 64-bit compiler included in the Starter Edition?

Starter Edition supports Unicode, but no 64-bit compiler is available.

Q: Can I also add third party components?

From Delphi XE2 Starter Edition and C ++ Builder XE2 Frequently Asked Questions for Starter Edition

Can I add additional commercial and open source VCL tools and components to Delphi XE2 Starter or C ++ Builder XE2 Starter?

In general, yes. However, the Starter editions do not list some that are available in higher versions, such as dbExpress. Since dbExpress functionality is not included in the product, you will not be able to add anything like third party dbExpress drivers. Delphi XE2 Starter and C ++ Builder XE2 Starter have no limitations when adding components like the older Turbo Explorer products. See Delphi Function Matrix or C ++ Builder Function Matrix for more information.

Q: What are the true limitations of this IDE?

To check the differences between versions, check the properties matrix



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