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It may seem like a strange question, but in Wordpress page templates, the template name is commented at the top like ...

Template Name: Contact Us


If 2 templates have the same template name, they don't appear in the page template options, how does it read the template page name when it is commented out?


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Using the function get_file_data()


Read the following data: get_file_data and File Header and this .



how does it read the name of the template page when reading it?

I have not used the original WordPresses, but I would assume it does not parse it as a php file, but as a text file. It then loops through the string until it finds the template name.

// Edit:

A little more specific information: Wordpress calls the File Header .

Functions that load and parse this file header can be found in wp-includes / functions.php, for example get_file_data. The comment for this function describes the restrictions for the file header.

And you can see that Wordpress actually reads it like a regular file and extracts the information.



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