Escape character in JPQL

In JPQL what is an escape character we can use to remove characters like "'"

Example: I am doing something like

"... where = 'Andy'"

Here it works fine

but when the person's name is Andy, then the where clause becomes like

"... where = 'Andy's'"

and it returns an error saying


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It cannot figure out where the string literal ends. The solution is well stated in the spec:

A string literal that includes one quote is represented by two single quotes - for example: "literals".

In your case, this means:





Below is a sample code to execute a query using a named parameter.

Query query = entityManager.createQuery("SELECT p FROM Person p WHERE LIKE :name" ); 

query.setParameter("name", personName);


Here you can pass a string to personName

which can contain a special character such as "Andy's".

Also, it looks very clean and doesn't require parameter validation before executing the query and changing the search string.



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