What is the way to record and calculate time?

I want to create a method that takes two variables timeIn and timeOut and compares the time between them to draw the difference.

How can I make it so that this timeIn is currently recorded and timeOut is also the time for the current date? It's as if I checked into the parking lot and then check the sorting.

Can I take timeOut and subtract it from timeIn to get the difference?

I am using C # code.


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try this:

    System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch sw = System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch.StartNew();

       doLogWork() ...


Console.Write(       sw.Elapsed.TotalSeconds + " Sec    / " +
                    ((float)sw.Elapsed.TotalSeconds / (float)60).ToString("N2") + 
                    " min" );




The ticks presented in Stopwatch

are based on a combination of machine hardware and operating system. Compare this with TimeSpan

where it Ticks

is defined as 100 nanosecond intervals

- it is obviously machine / OS independent .



DateTime - DateTime will provide a TimeSpan object telling how much time has passed between them.



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