Android to secure PHP API

I have an API written in PHP that works by receiving HTTP POST requests, then the API processes the request and outputs some XML.

I have an Android app that communicates successfully with this API.

My question is, how can I make it secure? I have been looking into using OAuth, but for PHP it uses a library that is not available to me. Plus, since the API is not public and only used for external applications I build, this seems a bit overkill.

What other suggestions would you recommend? I was looking at sending an API key / signature along with a POST request.

Many thanks.


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This should be done the same way you make javascript-safe calls. You are using sessions. You should be able to send and receive headers, why not accept cookie-like data? No less session_id

. Securing SSL with open Wi-Fi hotspots will also be very helpful if you are using symmetric authentication.

OAuth has a different purpose - this is when your website starts hosting third-party apps that users want to use without providing that custom app password.



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