How can I programmatically run another python script with a different python version?

If I am writing a program in python 2.7 and I want to run another script file with a different python (2.6), how can I do this?

EDIT: I am doing this because I need Django (which is installed in python 2.7) and I need some programs that are only available for python 2.6 ...

EDIT2: So I wrote a simple script that will be executed in python 2.6 and I will get the results from it directly in python 2.7


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You have a couple of options, but the most general concept is using os.system

a script to execute.

Explicit interpreter



Relying on the shebang to choose the right interpreter



For this to work, your script must have the first line set to

#!/usr/bin/env python2.6


And your executable python2.6

should be in yours PATH


If you need stdin / stdout operation

subprocess.Popen('', subprocess.PIPE) #relying on shebang
subprocess.Popen(['/usr/bin/env', 'python2.6', ''], subprocess.PIPE) #manual interpreter selection





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