Truetype ttf font and bitmap indent

  • Can a ttf (True Type) font contain a bitmap representation for the font rather than its mathematical description (i, e vector representation)? If so, how to determine if a ttf font contains a vector representation or a bitmap representation?

  • It is possible to create a ttf soft font (by giving a mathematical description in any language - say a script post)

  • Any suggestions for creating ttf fonts (manually or via program support)?


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  • Yes, but it's rare, see page 129 of the 1995 TrueType spec:

"'Sbit fonts only, that is, fonts with embedded bitmaps but no data outline."

You can identify TT fonts with bitmaps because the font will contain EBLC, EBDT, and EBSC ​​tables.

  • Surely it is possible, the results will almost certainly be bad. Real fonts will be "modified" by typographers to give a pleasing result. Having said that, its probably no worse than most TrueType fonts circulating over the web :-)

  • There are many font tools out there, of which FontForge is an example, all of which are in a sense a manual tool as far as I know.



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