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So, I recently took a job where I need to develop a fairly simple notification app for both iOS and Android. I've never done mobile development, besides the Android welcome and some very basic Objective-C stuff. I've never programmed Java, but it shouldn't be hard for me to learn enough to make these applications. Here's where I need help:

I need to find a better way to get started, I want Android and iOS working by the end of the day. My desktop broke, leaving me with just ubuntu system, however I can install various operating systems if required. Can anyone show me how to set things up well? I want both of these environments to be in place before I start looking into the required code so that I can determine if it will be beyond my capacity and I can tell my employer to find another guy.

I am most comfortable with windows, but also use ubuntu on a daily basis and consider myself diligently competent with it. Is iOS development impossible without running os x? Can I run an os x virtual machine if needed?

Sorry for any questions, I thank everyone who is willing to give me some help.

EDIT: I'll just add that I have an Android device (Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S2) and an iOS device (Old iTouch) if that matters.


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Ubuntu will work just fine for Android Development. You will need a Mac OS machine for iOS development.

You can always start a Windows machine and get two virtualboxes for Mac OS and Ubuntu.

For Android: You need to download the Android SDK and then get the IDE of your choice. Android has a plug-in with Eclipse. You can use Netbeans or whatever.

Go to this site and follow their instructions.

For iOS, you need to download Xcode and then they explain everything.

There really isn't much to tweak. You can add SDK tools to your path so you can run them from the command line, but that's about it.

Download and code.



As far as I know, you need xcode for iOS development, so in a VM, yes, it should work. My first advice is to start with the technology you know most, which seems to be Objective-C in your case. Make your first app with Objective-C and after moving to Android.

Windows or Ubuntu is irrelevant for Android development, you can use Eclipse and the emulator provided by the SDK or, better, an Android phone.

To set up your development environment, follow these steps:




source has everything you need to know about Android development. The recommended IDE is Eclipse, it has a great plugin for managing virtual devices and using the SDK.

This should cover everything you need to set up your Android environment.

IOS Xcode is only available for OSX.

For cross-development, you might want to look at something like MonoTouch, which lets you write C # that works on both Android and IOS.



Ios developent u requires mac os, on which you may need to install Xcode and ios simualtors. For android development you need to install Eclipse and sdk emulator




Windows, Mac or ubuntu are fine. Eclipse IDE will work in everyone.


Mac. The xcode IDE will only work on this OS.

Only the mac system assumes that I am not trying to use a virtual machine, so it won't work. I have personally experienced so many problems with the VM thing.

The problem is mac os needs higher configurations that our regular laptops and desktops won't support, and trying to hackintosh is also tedious and you end up wasting a lot of time in the end

so if you want to spend less money then you can try mac-mini

Android and iOS:

Buying a Mac product is the only sane way



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