How to start this process

I want to know how to start this process from C #:

TestFile.exe -i "c:\Program Files\My App\MyContextMenuExtension.dll" "c:\Program Files\My App\LogicNP.EZShellExtensions.dll" 


How can I send this two arguments to toprocess?


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string arguments = 
    "-i \"c:\\Program Files\\My App\\MyContextMenuExtension.dll\"";

arguments += " \"c:\\Program Files\\MyApp\\LogicNP.EZShellExtensions.dll\"";

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("TestFile.exe", arguments);




Process.Start("TestFile.exe", @"-i \"c:\Program Files\My App\MyContextMenuExtension.dll\" \"c:\Program Files\My App\LogicNP.EZShellExtensions.dll\"");


Don't forget the path in the first parameter. The second parameter is your arguments, each separated by a space (if your arguments have a space, you need to put them in between "



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