How do I remove certain tags and certain attributes from a string?

Here's a deal, I'm doing a project to help teach HTML to people. Naturally, I am afraid of this Skumag Steve (see Figure 1).

So, I wanted to block HTML tags ALL , except those that have been approved in a very white white list ..

From those approved HTML tags, I want to remove the harmful attributes . Such as onload

and onmouseover

. Also, according to the white list .

I was thinking about regex, but I'm pretty sure it's evil and not very useful to work with.

Can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Figure: 1.

Scumbag steve


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require_once 'library/';

$config = HTMLPurifier_Config::createDefault();

 // this one is needed cause otherwise stuff 
 // considered harmful like input will automatically be deleted
$config->set('HTML.Trusted', true);

// this line say that only input, p, div will be accepted
$config->set('HTML.AllowedElements', 'input,p,div');

// set attributes for each tag
$config->set('HTML.AllowedAttributes', 'input.type,,,');

// more extensive way of manage attribute and elements... see the docs
$def = $config->getHTMLDefinition(true);

$def->addAttribute('input', 'type', 'Enum#text');
$def->addAttribute('input', 'name', 'Text');

// call...
$purifier = new HTMLPurifier($config);

// display...
$html = $purifier->purify($raw_html);


  • NOTE: since you requested this code to run as a whitelist, only p and div inputs are accepted and only certificates are accepted.


Use Zend framework 2 strip tags . Example below for accepting ul, li, p ... and img (only with src attribute) and links (only with href atttribute). Everything else will be split. If I am not mistaken, zf1 does the same

     $filter = new \Zend\Filter\StripTags(array(
        'allowTags'   => array(
        'allowAttribs'  => array(),
        'allowComments' => false)

    $value = $filter->filter($value);




For tags, you can use strip_tags

For attributes, refer to How to remove attributes from an html tag?



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