Using Securimage PHP Captcha script in 508 available application

I am creating a Contact page and we selected the Securimages PHP Captcha script to block robots. Securimage uses a Flash object to play the signature code for someone who may have visual impairment. In the Securimages demo page, the Flash object does not appear when I look at the page using the Fangs reader screen emulator. It appears that a site visitor using a screen reader will know that a swap code is required, but they will not be able to hear the code to enter it. We want to be accessible.

Is there a way to make the Flash object appear in a screen reader, and is there a way to add a title that says click this link to hear the code?

Unless you have a way to make the Flash object work with a screen reader, my refusal is to use a clickable link and use JavaScript to play sound.


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You can make Flash visible to screen readers. This can be done using flash.accessibility.AccessibilityProperties .

If you check the Securimage GitHub Repo , the last update has replaced it securimage_play.swf

with a version that provides some of the information available, so a screen reader will read Play Audio Captcha

it when it detects the flash file. It can now also be brought into focus from a form.

I didn't find much information on this, but I don't think I Fangs

can display information from flash movies embedded in web pages, but I confirmed that I JAWS

was able to detect the Securimage sound icon and read the message attached to it.

Securimage Flash Source Code is now also available on the GitHub repository, so you can modify it to suit your needs.



You might want to go with a solution that is clearly 508 compatible. I usually recommend reCaptcha: .

Keep in mind that Captchas of all kinds are notorious for being scary with true 508 compliance and can be very annoying for all users. While not as effective, honeypots can slow down the bot wave and annoy fewer users. Personally, I keep annoying myself before I annoy my users.



I don't think Flash is readable by screen readers. I'm afraid you have no choice but to use your rollback solution ...



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