Is it possible to make a scene on a background thread in Android & OpengGL ES 2.0

Now I got a subclass from GLSurfaceView and ran Opengl es 2.0 ok, ready to render. but i want to show the scene in another thread in written c, i tried eglMakeCurrent but no luck, always get the error EGL_BAD_ACCESS. I would like to draw a shape to describe the architecture I am using.

Java:  GLSurfaceView(eglCreateContexture,CreateSurface)


____ Sureface Init Jni Interface _______________

NDK / C: Surface Init(using eglGetCurrentDisplay()

and xxx to get the rendered contextual surface and pass all those included in the native render thread)

Native render thread: (use eglMakeCurrent()

and call glxxx function to render)

BUT it doesn't work!

therefore, I want to know if this is possible and how?


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