Can I configure VS10 to notify me when a build aborts unexpectedly?

I am working on a project that takes 2-3 minutes to compile. Usually when I add code, I run it for testing and then add to something else, because I'm not going to watch it compile in 2 minutes each time.

Sometimes I get a compile error.

I would like to be notified when this happens (the build was aborted and the site was not open) at a safe time.

Is it possible to tell VS10 that it can play a little "beep" - VS10 windows or windows with focus or whatever, so that I can proceed right now?

I guess not, and maybe I just need to get used to not having the other window in full screen.


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It has already been provided. Control panel + Sound, Sounds. Scroll down the list of programs and find the Microsoft Visual Studio group. Assign sounds to the Build Failed and Build Succeeded events.



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