Best practice for defining multiple traits that add behavior to classes that implement a particular trait

Let's say I have a number trait

that adds some behavior to the extending classes Actor


Each requires a small subset of the Actor

. Is it ok for everyone to expand Actor

as follows?

trait A extends Actor {
  def doAThing = { ... }
trait B extends Actor {
  def doBThing = { ... }
trait C extends Actor {
  def doCThing = { ... }

class D extends Actor with A with B with C


Or does each trait define the methods it needs from Actor

as abstract methods, so that they are exposed by a final, concrete class that is the only one that then extends Actor



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trait A extends Actor


means that A

- Actor

. Another way is to useself-types

trait B {
  self: Actor =>


means it B

requires to be Actor


See the linked question for details .



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