AvalancheImagineBundle creating simple previews not working

I have a problem with AvalancheImagineBundle for Symfony 2

I followed the basic instructions, but it doesn't work

<img src="{{ ('/mywebsite/web/uploads/myphoto.jpg')| apply_filter('my_thumb')}}"/>


my image is here without apply_filter but with filter i have this and not found image.

<img src="/mywebsite/web/app_dev.php/media/cache/my_thumb/mywebsite/web/uploads/myphoto.jpg">


any clues?


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I am assuming the image path you are using is incorrect. It should be a relative path to the image, for example:<img src="{{ 'uploads/myphoto.jpg'| apply_filter('my_thumb')}}"/>

Also consider it better to use a forked bundle because it has more features and more active developers.



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