Can you transfer DirectX game to Google Native Client?

This is my first time trying to use the Native Client. I read the article and found every sample of 3D graphics used by OpenGL ES 2.0. Can I port my Direct3D game to my own client, or do I need to rewrite my code with OpenGL ES?


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You will have to rewrite your D3D code to OpenGL ES 2.0 (or introduce a runtime translation layer that translates DirectX calls to OpenGL ES).

The native client is designed to be portable across different operating systems (currently Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Chrome OS), so you can't use something specific for one operating system. In the Native Client, you can think of the Pepper API (PPAPI) as a syscall interface to access features like graphics, audio, networking, etc. And specifically for hardware accelerated graphics, the native client supports OpenGL ES 2.0.



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