GWT runs on an external server

I need to test my client application on an external server with development mode better debugged.

I try to run an application in eclipse on an external server, but it fails.

I really need a step by step example

thanks for the help


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THIS page will open . There they have a command to start the server with GWT debug mode.

Then make sure your URL points to the correct server.

This is how it should look on your machine: http://{local ip or host name}:8080/AppName/?gwt.codesvr=

This is what should be entered on an external client on the same network: http://[YOUR-IP]:8080/AppName/?gwt.codesvr=[YOUR-IP]:9997

Make sure both ports are the same. Mine is running 8080, because I am running a Java server, you may have a different port.



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