Recording and then replaying DOM changes in Firefox?

Background: We have a web product and a growing set of automated Selenium tests that run on a continuous integration system for every commit. Sometimes the test fails and sometimes it is quite difficult to figure out what happened.

Previously, we recorded and saved video for every run (using recordMyDesktop), but this requires more CPU and disk space than we could save.

Question: Is there a Firefox plugin or similar tool to record DOM changes and then visually replay them back, preferably on a different machine?


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We have previously used recordMyDesktop on Ubuntu, but also noted that it is too CPU intensive.

In TestingBot (cloud debris grid) we now use ffmpeg and x11grab which is much better processor. It's also pretty easy to set up.



You can try adding an event listener to your dom modification events and then writing them line by line:

document.addEventListener('DOMNodeInserted', function(e) {someLoggingFunction(e);});


If you register a parent node that the listener goes through, you should be able to play back any changes.

Document Object Model Events:

This is not a timeline style replay, perhaps a Firediff extension for firebug:

It can keep track of all dom changes and allows you to keep snapshots of the dom state along with history reverting to previous states.



It's a paid grid, but have you dropped by SauceLabs ? They support screenshots and video playback of tests.



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