Safari extension injected by script / webpage interaction

I am creating a Safari browser extension

I would like to call a function on a web page from an injected script

For example, if I created a script on the page from the injected script:

var newElement = document.createElement("script"); 
newElement.textContent = "function test(){alert(test);}"; 
document.body.insertBefore(newElement, document.body.firstChild);


Can I then call this function from the injected script?

alternatively is it possible to do the opposite and call a function in a nested script from a webpage?

Thanks in advance.


For anyone interested, I fixed this issue by adding / removing a self-executing function:


script = document.createElement("script"); 
script.textContent = "(function(){test();})();";      
document.body.insertBefore(script, document.body.firstChild);


Not sure if there is an even better one for this?


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It looks like it should be done with postMessage



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