Using requirejs with jasmine to load scripts returning 404

I am using Backbonejs and I am using require.js to load each dependent mainline widget before starting my application and put everything in a custom namespace, in this case "Foo". I would like Jasmine to download this loader file and take all the dependent javascripts (located in / public / js of my main application), however I get all 404s since Jasmine is unaware of / public / js on port 8888. How can I get jasmine to download these javascripts?

  Foo = {}; 
    var include = ['/js/widget.js','/js/delta_widget.js','/js/inbox.js','/js/time_widget.js','/js/high_stock_widget.js','/js/daily_summary_widget.js'];


For each of the javascripts I get: Failed to load resource: server responded with status 404 (not found)


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It would seem that your Jasmine / SpecRunner loader file is in a different directory than your require.js loader (main.js by default). You will need to configure require.js to use a different base path by doing the following:

  baseUrl: '/public'

var include = ['js/widget.js',



You need to configure the above baseUrl property to point to the correct URL / Path. For example, if your Jasmine SpecRunner is in:

basic - main.js - js - widget.js - app.js - Liza - Jasmine --- SpecRunner.html

then you need to configure

baseUrl: "../../"


Hope it helps.



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