Continuous integration with Grails

What tool would you recommend for Grails + Tomcat (+ Ubuntu) continuous integration? Jenkins? Hudson? Something other? I'm not looking for anything complicated ... everything will just be fine.


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I've just configured Grails to work in Jenkins (running on debian). I cannot say something about other CI servers. I also know the Apache continuum, but haven't used it for years.

For Debian / Ubuntu, you can simply add

deb binary/


in your /etc/apt/sources.list and then install jenkins via apt-get update && & apt-get install jenkins

Custom jenkins is generated.

You might want to change the default configuration in / etc / default / Jenkins to use a different prefix (i.e. set it to jenkins so the url will look like http: // localhost: port / jenkins ) or JENKINS_HOME.

By default jenkins home is / var / lib / jenkins.

You can start / stop / restart jenkins via init.d script (i.e. restart /etc/init.d/jenkins).

Inside jenkins, you can install "Jenkins Grails Plugin" and add a new "free software project" and then in its configuration (build sections) do "Add build step -> Build with Grails".

Then for "targets" you can enter something like "clean test-app -unit" (add targets as they match).

In the Publishing Junit Results Reports section, use a path such as YOUR_PROJECT / target / test-reports / TESTS-TestSuites.xml

Also don't forget to install "Chuck Norris Plugins" for Jenkins ... this is the most important plugin!

If you also want to use apache2 + Jenkins, include something like this in your apache site setup:

Include /etc/jenkins/apache2.conf


Create a file / etc / jenkins / apache 2.conf with the following content:

ProxyPass /jenkins http://localhost:8080/jenkins
ProxyPassReverse /jenkins http://localhost:8080/jenkins
ProxyPassReverse /jenkins
ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPassReverseCookiePath /jenkins /jenkins
<Proxy http://localhost:8080/jenkins*>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all


You need to activate the proxy module:

a2enmod proxy proxy_http


and then restart apache2:

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart




Bamboo is the best. And I've worked with most of the CIs.



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