Use the php that comes with the zend server from the command line on Mac

I have installed a zend server on my Mac and I think there are two php installations on my mac (I hate mac by the way, I would like to go back to windows 7), I think the script I run from the command line (phpcs ) using the php command which is inside / usr / bin /, while I would like to use the one inside / usr / local / zend / bin / always. How should I do it?


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Add / usr / local / zend / bin to PATH, before / usr / bin.

Or just remove PHP in / usr / bin.



On Mac or Linux, you can add the following to your bash shell (via ~/.bash_profile

or similar):

export PATH=/usr/local/zend/bin:$PATH
source /etc/zce.rc


Loading in /etc/zce.rc

correctly sets the system library path and removes crypto lib warnings.



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