Vimscript - get colors programmatically from colorscheme

I am trying to create an autocmd in Vimscript that sets multiple colorscheme attributes the way I want them. In particular, I am trying to make the background NonText

the same color as the normal background.

The problem is I have no idea how to get the background color of the color scheme from vimscript.

Does anyone have any idea?


So this is what I am trying to achieve. There are actually a few things:

  • Initially I tried to hide the "~" in front of all non-existent lines. Someone suggested to install it as the same color as the background, so I added the autorun, which made it: hi NonText guifg=bg


  • After that I realized that some colors have a different background color for regular lines and the "non-existent" part of the buffer. This is a problem as my autocmd sets the NonText color to be the same as a normal background, not a special "nonexistent" background.

    Also, I figured that even without the whole "getting rid of the problem ~

    " I didn't like it when the non-existent parts of the buffers had a different color.

Finally, I'm trying to learn about general vim schemas in general, as I'm planning on writing a plugin that will need other tricks like calculating colors from schemas.


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There are two approaches here:

  • Use hi NonText

    . Not alone, but with :redir

    , of course. I will not describe this in more detail, because I personally do not like any solution using :redir

    for a number of reasons (they: 1. requires parsing 2. no nested redirects 3. no way to know if a redirect is active).
  • Use synIDattr()

    and hlID()


    let bgcolor=synIDattr(hlID('NonText'), 'bg#')

    will assign something in the form "#rrggbb"

    (just "N"

    in the terminal) to a variable bgcolor

    or -1

    if the background for this group is not defined. You can use this to build a team :hi

    (regular background must be defined in the group Normal


  • Just use

    hi link NonText Ignore

    ... Works unless your color scheme has overridden the group Ignore

    to actually appear.



hi NonText guibg=bg


How about this?

EDIT after clarification from OP:

Okey, let go from the start. At the moment, I am adding a plugin to hold the plugin several times until you know the basic settings and the Vim language. The symbols, one of which is the ~

one you are trying to hide, are so called list symbols and can be defined in an option listchars

. What you can see can be seen set listchars?

. They can also be turned on / off (visible or invisible, I mean) with set list

/ set nolist

, or to be turned on / off with set invlist


The selection group NonText

is the one that "covers" the display of these symbols, but in fact the way to turn them on or off is through a setting, not by overwriting the background / foreground color of that group. Therefore, my initial confusion is about your intentions. There is also a highlight group SpecialKey

that you may also find interesting as it covers some cases.



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