FParsec reactive example

I hope someone can post an example using FParsec where the data is based on some kind of realtime input stream.

Some examples may produce a result based on mouse gestures, generating an alert or notification based on a specific sequence of stock ticks.

If someone can post an example we would be very grateful.



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What you are looking for are Reactive Partners from Rxx.

It's not F #, but a .NET library that allows you to write code like (following your stock example):

    var alerts = ticks.Parse(parser =>
    from next in parser
    let ups = next.Where(tick => tick.Change > 0)
    let downs = next.Where(tick => tick.Change < 0)
    let downAlert = from manyUps in ups.AtLeast(2).ToList()
               from reversalDown in downs.NonGreedy()
               where reversalDown.Change <= -11
               select new StockAlert(manyUps, reversalDown)
    let upAlert = from manyDowns in downs.AtLeast(2).ToList()
            from reversalUp in ups.NonGreedy()
            where reversalUp.Change >= 21
            select new StockAlert(manyDowns, reversalUp)
    select downAlert.Or(upAlert).Ambiguous(untilCount: 1));


Credit, of course, goes to Dave Sexton and James Miles, who did most of this work.

To read in the background, a parser extension for Rxx came out of this discussion: http://qa.social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/eu/rx/thread/0f72e5c0-1476-4969-92da-633000346d0d

Here's a very simple example of how this can be used in F #:

open Rxx.Parsers.Reactive
open Rxx.Parsers.Reactive.Linq

// F# shortcuts to Rxx
let where f (a:IObservableParser<_,_>) = a.Where(fun b -> f b)
let toList (parser:IObservableParser<_,_>) = parser.ToList()
let (<&>) (a:IObservableParser<'a,'b>) (b:IObservableParser<'a,'b>) = a.And(b)
let create a = 
    { new ObservableParser<_,_>() with
        override x.Start = a(x.Next) } :> IObservableParser<_,_>
let parse (parser:IObservableParser<_,_>) (obs:IObservable<_>) = obs.Parse(parser)

// example of grammar
let grammar = 
    (fun (parser:IObservableParser<_,_>) ->
        let next = parser.Next
        let bigs = next |> where(fun i -> i > 25)
        let smalls = next |> where(fun i -> i <= 25)
        bigs <&> smalls |> toList ) 
    |> create

// the test
let random = Random()
let values = Observable.Interval(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(500.0)).Select( fun _ -> random.Next(1,50)).Trace().TraceSubscriptions("subbing","subbed","disposing","disposed").Publish()

let sub = values |> parse grammar |> Observable.add(printfn "BIG THEN SMALL: %A")
let test = values.Connect()