How do I implement a navigation button in JSF 2.0 that doesn't do any validation on anything on the current page?

I want to implement a navigation button that takes the user to another page. I have no desire or need for any checks, nor for an updatable model, etc. I have implemented this as a client side redirect (note that I am using Primefaces 3.2).

It works ... but is this the best way to do it?

Moving from "onePage.xhtml" to "anotherPage.xhtml"

<p:commandButton value="Navigate to Another Page" 



Note that I tried using immediate = "true", but the Apply Request Values ​​phase is still running, which results in an NPE for me in the getter in my managed bean (as I no longer have the data that my getter needs).


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Just use <h:button>

or <p:button>

. It sends a normal GET request. There is really no need for a POST-Redirect-GET request if it just translates pages to page.

<h:button value="Navigate to Another Page" outcome="anotherPage" />


For the PrimeFaces look'n'feel element, simply replace h:

with p:

. Please note that this component is not required <h:form>

. The link equivalent is <h:link>

(for which there is no PrimeFaces equivalent, nothing needs to be restyled anyway).

See also:



Set the attribute immediate

- true

to the commandButton, this will skip all checks, conversions or updates. Attributes force the JSF lifecycle to go from the request request phase directly to the render response phase.



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