Convert Object to NameValueCollection

I need to convert a generic object to a NameValueCollection. I am trying to use reflection. Although I can get the parent properties, I cannot get the properties of the parent property that is an object.

Class One 
public string name{get;set}

Class Two
public string desc{get;set}
public One OneName{get;set;}

public static NameValueCollection GetPropertyName(
        string objType, object objectItem)
    Type type = Type.GetType(objType);
    PropertyInfo[] propertyInfos = type.GetProperties();
    NameValueCollection propNames = new NameValueCollection();

    foreach (PropertyInfo propertyInfo in objectItem.GetType().GetProperties())
        if (propertyInfo.CanRead)
            var pName = propertyInfo.Name;
            var pValue = propertyInfo.GetValue(objectItem, null);
            if (pValue != null)
                propNames.Add(pName, pValue.ToString());

    return propNames;


I'm guessing there should be somesort recursive call, but can't figure out how to do it. Any help is appreciated.


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I assume you want the result to NameValueCollection

contain properties both from Class One

and Class Two

when the input is of type Class Two


Now that we've set this up, you can check the type of each property. If one of the built-in types ( Type.IsPrimitive()

can help you figure it out), you can add the property to the final right away.Otherwise NameValueCollection

, you have to go through each property of that non-primitive type and repeat the process for it again. As you mentioned, here's the place for recursion.



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