PIO banks for GPIO banks have no memory

I am currently running Android and RTOS together using OKL4 Hypervisor to virtualize both of them on Pandaboard (OMAP4430). At some point during power-up it seems that the Linux kernel is somehow causing all the GPIO banks on the board to not be removed from memory, even the physical address is not available (via JTAG). This seems to be temporary as it is only an issue where Hypervisor interrupts Android in this state and starts RTOS. I tried to turn off power management in Linux kernel and it didn't seem to have any effect, I also checked all clocks on Pandaboard with test points and they look great. The Hypervisor reports that all pages are rendering correctly. I am looking for any help figuring out what possible configuration on Pandaboard or OMAP could cause all GPIO banks to disappear from memory.Many thanks


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In order for any register to be available, the interface and functional clock must be enabled. I don't know, for 4430, but for 3730 two registers control the functional and interface clok for the GPIO banks:



Look for them in the TRM of your omap and see if you can fix the JTAG access issue for them. It is not related to programming



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