Set the UITabBarController delegate to the UIStoryboard

I have searched for this, cannot find the answer.

I tune UIStoryboard

in Interface Builder, and as long as everything works fine, I can not seem to connect the output delegate

to UITabBarController

any of the UIViewController

in UIStoryboard

, regardless of their position in the UIStoryboard

. I installed UIViewController

as <UITabBarControllerDelegate>

in file .h

, but Interface Builder won't let me choose UIViewController

both delegate

for UITabBarController


Has anyone faced this problem?


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2 answers

It turns out the reason you can't install delegate

in UIStoryboard

is because you have no guarantee that it boots UIViewController

before downloading UITabBar

. So a software install delegate

(in another UIViewController

) is the ONLY way to accomplish this.



You need to do this programmatically in application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions

your application delegate method :

_tabBarController = (UITabBarController *)_window.rootViewController; _tabBarController.delegate = self;



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