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How can I insert a horizontal line above each subtotal in SSRS-2008? Below is an example of the report I am trying to recreate. I have circled the line that I need to make red:

sample report http://www.joshnoe.com/report_example.png

The problem is that you cannot have borders inside the grouping column. This way my line won't extend completely to the left. In a report I am trying to do in SSRS, the line shortening to the left of the Item column does not appear in the Department column because it is not yet the “end” of that group before the subtotal ends.


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Right click on the Item column and insert a column to the left of the Item column. The new column will have a cell for each row and can include borders before or after full rows. Move the Department field to this column, and then delete the vertically grouped column. Don't delete the group itself, just the column.

If you don't have a summary row for the group, you can add this by right-clicking in one of the cells in the detail row, such as the one containing your item name, and choosing Insert Row → Outside Group - Above.

The department field must be placed in a cell in the summary row. (The icon for this summary row in the left margin of the table will not have three horizontal lines. They indicate that the row will be repeated as part of a set of parts.)



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