Install apk on multiple Android devices

I need to install an app for about 500 Android tablets. Is there a way to do this automatically, without having to manually install it on each device.


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place the apk on the web server .. close this page via tablet and install the app ... i personally don't think there is any other way ... there must be some action on the device to install the app



you can do it via adb, put the apk file to sd card or whatever or given url and then using command line use

adb install <1>/<2>.apk


where <1>

is the path for the apk and <2>

is the name of the apk.

although its a guide, but still fast enough when you send a command and connect another tablet.



If you have to reinstall the app over and over again, you can always create another app to handle it all. Sometimes reinstalling will fail, so you'll have to uninstall first. This application can also check the web server once a day to see if the main application needs to be updated.



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