Revert system changes after apt-get update in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

I am using Linux Mint 11 64 bit. I need several packages to install the latest software and find them in the ubuntu repositories.

For this I added

deb oneiric-security main 
deb oneiric main 


to my



I did automatically sudo apt-get update + sudo apt-get upgrade and installed ~ 900 packages from that repository (and removed some of my Mint too ...). My system changed to Ubuntu-like dist, installed a new GUI - possibly GNOME3 (I really liked my GNOME2 ..). Now I cannot start GNOME2.

Is there a way to undo these changes? I removed these lines from sources.list, tried

sudo apt-get update && & & sudo apt-get upgrade && & sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
but it did not help.


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No, sorry, you're pretty screwed up. You now have newer versions of most of the packages, so even if you delete the one-risk repo, it will still decide to keep the new ones.

The best option is to back up and reinstall.



You can use ppa-purge - install with sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

See this article for more information

This will roll back your packages, so it is safe to delete the repo and keep the software and your system won't blow up.

EDIT (based on user1131467 comment): For full blown repositories, these answers will help, but it's much more manual: and



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