What is the difference between int ++ and ++ int?

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Yes, I'm a nob, but I completely forgot what they both do.

I know, however, that int ++ just adds the value to the int.

So what is ++ int?



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If you are talking about C (or C) languages, it is exactly the same if you don't use value:

int a = 10;
int b = a++;


In this case, a

it becomes 11, and b

- 10. This post-increment - you increase it after use.

If you change this line above to:

int b = ++a;


it a

still becomes 11, but also b

. This is because it pre-magnifies - you magnify before use.

Note that this is not exactly the same for C ++ classes, there is efficiency to be gained by preferring one over the other. But since you're talking about integers, C ++ acts the same way as C.



a ++ will return a and increment it, ++ a will increment a and return it:

a = 5; b = a++; // b = 5, a = 6

a = 5; b = ++a; // b = 6, a = 6



Every expression in C or C ++ has a type, value, and possible side effects.

int i;


Type ++i

- int

. An increase is a side effect i

. The expression value is the new value i


int i;


The type i++

is int

. An increase is a side effect i

. The expression value is the old value i




this is the preincrement operator

good explanation here



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