Pre Decrement and post Decrement

When to use a pre-decrement and when to use a post-decrement?

and for the next piece of code whether to use pre or post decment.

static private void function(int number)
    charArr = new char[number];
    int i = 0;
    int tempCounter;
    int j = 0;
        tempCounter = number - 1;
        password[tempCounter] = element[i%element.Length];
        //This is the loop the I want to use the decrementing in.
        //Suppose I have a char array of size 5, the last element of index 5 is updated
        //in the previous statement.
        //About the upcoming indexes 4, 3, 2, 1 and ZERO.
        //How should I implement it?
        // --tempCounter or tempCounter-- ?
        while (charArr[--tempCounter] == element[element.Length - 1])



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You use a pre-decrement when you want to decrease the value of a variable before the value is passed to the rest of the expression. On the other hand, post-decrement evaluates the expression before the variable is decremented:

int i = 100, x;
x = --i;                // both are 99



int i = 100, x;
x = i--;                // x = 100, i = 99


The same is true for increments.



you should have ++i;

(not this important), and should have tempCounter--

Otherwise, you will miss the "first" charArr index



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