Strange behavior with Xcode 4.3

I have many classes in my project, my source editor displays the class names, iVar ect names are correct in the whole class except one. In one of my classes, all input (middle, code) is displayed in white font and none of the class methods work. For example, I have declared properties for NSMutableArray

, but I cannot get the class method objectAtIndex:

. What can I do, can anyone help?


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Go to Menue-> Product-Clean and clean up the project .
Delete your application in the simulator , restart xcode,
restart your operating system, check your project so that you have no errors in your class,
and finally compile it again.

Sometimes I get the same behavior too. I do not know why.

Is the whole class without syntax highlighting? If not, check at the point where the syntax highlighting ends, there might be a syntax error or something else.

Hope it helps.



Reload your Xcode.It might be helpful



There must be an error in your code. Unfortunately sometimes xcode cannot display errors correctly. As for me, I don't see any errors at all. If reboot doesn't work for you. Try to restore the permissions in Disk Utility (it worked for me).



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