Troubleshooting é in emacs

I am using emacs (version below) on Windows7 (x64). I'm having trouble writing é in emacs.

I would like to press' '' and 'e' to get char 'è'.

I've been using emacs for> 20 years and I don't remember this was a problem before. It worked before, I'm pretty sure ... No problem with displaying "é" and I can cut and paste other programs / buffers. The problem lies in its type.

Any solution would be highly appreciated. BR / Tomas

(GNU Emacs 23.4.1 (i386-mingw-nt6.1.7601) 2012-02-04 by MARVIN)


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Try it C-x 8 ' e.

Input will C-x 8 C-hdisplay the input table for all Latin-1 characters.



Add this to your .emacs file if you want to type "'" "e" to get "é"

(defadvice switch-to-buffer (after activate-input-method activate)
(activate-input-method "latin-9-prefix"))


If you just want to activate it for one session, do

M-x set-input-method


and enter





If you are using a dead key keyboard setup, what '

+ e

= does é

, like the us-international keyboard card (if I remember correctly?), You might put (require 'iso-transl)

emacs somewhere in your init file.

I'm not using Windows, but I don't see any warnings about this in the iso-transl

elisp file .



Here is a list of the most common special characters to use and also freely.

ä - Md

Ä - MD

ë - Mk

Ë - MK

ï - Mo

Ï - MO

ö - Mv

Ö - MV

ü - M- | (argh, I have to use shift for non-capitals and vice versa)

Ü - M - \ (dito.)

ß - M-_ (dito.)

é - Mi

É - MI

è - Mh

È - MH

à = M-`

= = M - @

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