How do I add a version control to upload files / images using Plone 4.1?

I want to activate version control for uploaded files using Plone 4.1. For example, when an image is edited with Products.ImageEditor in Plone, I want the entry to appear in the history for the image.


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First of all, to activate versioning for images, follow these steps:

1) go to site setup 2) Click types 3) Select an image from the dropdown 4) select Automatic versioning

Even so, I don't think there is no automatic versioning for ImageEditor changes. The ImageEditor simply sets the field value for the image and does not emit any event-modified objects that I believe are necessary in order to execute the plin-version.

FWIW, I am the author of Products.ImageEditor. You can submit a ticket for this issue if you like:



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