A dynamic tile map possible with Cocos2D?

I want to be able to load a list or array of slices and display them on a map.

Cocos2D offers the ability to load tiles onto the map. But for my case, I only have to load a certain part / range of tiles (which I define) and this changes dynamically over runtime. I never want to download the whole map at once. Is it possible? Maybe an alternative to Cocos2D on iOS? Map details come from the server. This has to be done in a fairly large multiplayer environment, so each player / client only needs to download their respective parts of the map.


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You can definitely do this, and there are many different ways. For example, replacing scenes or layers at runtime, with different tile maps on them, or creating tiles, maps its own path using a custom set of methods using CCSprite (for example, usually creating your own parallax scene instead of using the built-in Parallax scene methods in Cocos2d. and you can do the same with tile maps if needed). The options are really only limited by creativity.



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