Passing a user-defined table type to a SQL Server stored procedure using JDBC

We have this User-Defined-Table type in MS SQL Server:

    [SDate] [decimal](8, 0) NOT NULL,
    [EDate] [decimal](8, 0) NOT NULL,
    [PlantCode] [nvarchar](10) NOT NULL,
    [LoadType] [nchar](8) NOT NULL,
    [Asset] [bigint] NOT NULL


and a stored procedure that takes this table as input:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[RegisterInitAssets]
    @initmsg INITVALS_MSG ReadOnly


Now I need to call this procedure from java. Can this be done? does jdbc support this?

Any ideas or hints are greatly appreciated!

-------- EDIT I โ€‹โ€‹have a corresponding class in java for this type:

public class DBInitialAsset {
    private Integer sDate;
    private Integer eDate;
    private String plantCode;
    private String loadType;
    private Integer asset;

    public DBInitialAsset() {




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Yes, it is now possible. Version 6.0 of the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server added support for table parameters.

The following code example demonstrates how

  • use an object SQLServerDataTable

    to store the table data that needs to be passed and
  • call the method SQLServerCallableStatement#setStructured

    to pass this table to the stored procedure.

SQLServerDataTable sourceDataTable = new SQLServerDataTable();   
sourceDataTable.addColumnMetadata("SDate", java.sql.Types.DECIMAL);
sourceDataTable.addColumnMetadata("EDate", java.sql.Types.DECIMAL);
sourceDataTable.addColumnMetadata("PlantCode", java.sql.Types.NVARCHAR);
sourceDataTable.addColumnMetadata("LoadType", java.sql.Types.NCHAR);
sourceDataTable.addColumnMetadata("Asset", java.sql.Types.BIGINT);

// sample data
sourceDataTable.addRow(123, 234, "Plant1", "Type1", 123234);   
sourceDataTable.addRow(456, 789, "Plant2", "Type2", 456789);   

try (CallableStatement cs = conn.prepareCall("{CALL dbo.RegisterInitAssets (?)}")) {
    ((SQLServerCallableStatement) cs).setStructured(1, "dbo.INITVALS_MSG", sourceDataTable);
    boolean resultSetReturned = cs.execute();
    if (resultSetReturned) {
        try (ResultSet rs = cs.getResultSet()) {


See the following MSDN article for details:

Using table parameters



It's actually quite simple, try it like this :-)

connection = dataSource.getConnection();
CallableStatement statement = connection.prepareCall("{? = call dbo.RegisterInitAssets(?)}");
statement.registerOutParameter(1, OracleTypes.CURSOR);//you can skip this if procedure won't return anything
statement.setObject(2, new InitvalsMsg()); //I hope you some kind of representation of this table in your project

ResultSet set = (ResultSet) statement.getObject(1);//skip it too if its not returning anything




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