Facebook data does not match (excel and FQL)

Building a facebook analytics app. I get daily new morals as follows:

 $start_time = $timestamp = strtotime('2012-01-30');
 $end_time = $timestamp = strtotime('2012-02-27');
 $fanadds = $facebook->api('/**************/insights/page_fan_adds?since='.$start_time.'&until='.$end_time);


When I compare these results with the data of the exported Excel sheet, the numbers don't match.

Comparison: link to comparison image enter image description here

Does anyone have an idea why this is?


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I just saw https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/204643062967390 , one of the comments there says that page_fan_adds can count the same user multiple times if they like, as opposed to and over again

It looks like this might be the reason - Insights documentation lists page_fan_adds and page_fan_adds_unique separately; implying that page_fan_adds will have duplicates



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