Maximum upload speed and daily quota for Gmail + Google Apps Script?

I wrote a small Google Apps Script to individually send personalized messages (conference invitations) to recipients (i.e. one recipient per email). As a workaround for the issue of email sent with GmailApp.sendEmail

not showing up in Sent Items folder, I have one Script sending emails to myself (i.e. sender and recipient are the same) and then another Script to redirect them to the appropriate recipients ... There are only about 100 (maybe fewer) verified recipients, but I'm concerned that sending emails is as fast as executing Script might cause them to be flagged as spam due to the speed at which they are sent. My questions are as follows:

  • If Google Apps Script accesses a Gmail account to send and forward emails using GmailApp

    , does it have a bit rate limitation (e.g. in emails / seconds, kb / second, etc.)?

  • What quota applies to the specified script? Is it Gmail 500 / day or Google Apps "100 / day"?

PS I found this discussion about quotas , but I'm not sure if my case applies to one of the scenarios described in it.


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  • There are no such restrictions. There is an email body size limit of 20KB
  • That's 500 emails / days for Gmail users and free Google Apps users. Please note that CCU and BCCing count against your quota. Therefore, if you send one email and get it to 500 hundred people, you would have spent your entire quota for that day. In addition, there are additional quotas for sending emails to the domain.



The method MailApp.getRemainingDailyQuota()

will also tell you how many more emails you can send that day.



All quotas are described here:

How are emails sent using GmailApp.sendEmail in the Sent Items folder?



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