Gmail Send Quota, when sent using Google App Engine

Gmail imposes a daily 500 recipient quota for sending emails. If you send through your POP / IMAP interface, the quota is only 100 recipients per day.

What is the sending quota for sending email to a gmail account using Google's engine to work with Google? Will it meet the POP / IMAP limit or the standard gmail limits?

Here is all the official gmail quotas I found:


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The answer depends on how you choose to send the email.

  • Are you using App Engine's built-in mailing list API? If yes, you can send many and many letters (see Amir's answer).
  • Are you sending mail via Gmail SMTP server? (I am assuming that you meant SMTP when you said POP, since POP is only for reading email). If so, the limit is 100, as you state.
  • Does your app connect to gmail via http and pretend to be human using the regular interface? Then the limit of 500 will apply.


When using the app engine api to send emails (and you have the billing option) you can send 4900 messages per minute. See Quotas on this page:



Apparently Google recently changed the quota for email . The limit dropped to 100 emails per day, with no option to buy more. Google recommends using SendGrid to send more email. If anyone can post some Java code for using sendgrid it would be helpful as google documentation was lacking as usual. Edit: There is documentation for Java . I haven't tried it yet.



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