Unknown type name error in OS "Mach Library"

I get the following:

Unknown type name 'mach_port_context_t'


As a compiler error when I try to build an XCode project. It points to message.h

which is in the folder iPhoneSimulator5.1/usr/include/mach/


It doesn't show up when I build for a device. (I am testing in b / c simulator I need to debug some files) I am definitely not doing any crazy streams or port files (outside of NSOperation

) so I am not sure what the problem is for mach ...


has no definition in the file ... message.h others like audit_token_t

and security_token_t


typedef struct 
  mach_msg_trailer_type_t   msgh_trailer_type;
  mach_msg_trailer_size_t   msgh_trailer_size;
  mach_port_seqno_t     msgh_seqno;
  security_token_t      msgh_sender; // <-- defined (ex. below)
  audit_token_t         msgh_audit; //<-- defined (ex. below)
  mach_port_context_t       msgh_context; //<-- Error Here
} mach_msg_context_trailer_t;

typedef struct
  unsigned int          val[8];
} audit_token_t;

typedef struct
  unsigned int          val[2];
} security_token_t;




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clear project "User Title Search Path"



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