How to rent tasks from the queue when running in dev_appserver?

Is there a way to lease tasks from the queue when running the app locally using dev_appserver?

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I have a GAE application that uses pull queues. I need to rent tasks from this queue from another service written in java. I am running a GAE application using dev_appserver on my machine. How can I rent tasks from this queue? The GAE Docs states that I need to rent out tasks by clicking the REST endpoint at . This URI is not displayed by my machine.


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If the development server does not detect the endpoint, you will need to run a minimal implementation of it to test it.

But maybe a better approach would be to create a mock implementation that a Java service could plug in (and be tested against), instead of requiring a starting dev_appserver instance. It also has the advantage that your implementation is simple as it doesn't have to think a lot and actually manage queues, but only react according to the google endpoint. You can also simulate any errors you are experiencing on Google to see if your Java services can handle these situations correctly.



This is how you get the backend url, without its cloud or local devserver

    BackendService backendsApi = BackendServiceFactory.getBackendService(); "Well we have a backend {}", backendsApi.getBackendAddress( "backendName" ) );




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