MongoDB and Similar Database Technologies

What is a comparable database like Mongo DB? We are trying to evaluate Mongo DB and find the best database for an enterprise application.

Is there any developer UI and admin UI for MongoDB like SQL Plus / Toad etc. for Oracle?


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MongoDB is what is known as a NoSQL database and I'm guessing why you're interested in that. You can find a list of other NoSQL databases at the links below:

MongoDB does not include a GUI-style administrative interface; however, there are many community projects that provide admin user interfaces for MongoDB:



MongoDB is a document oriented database , so instead of a data string, you have a document. In the case of MonogDB, this is a JSON document. Apache CouchDB is another document database that stores data in JSON format, although there are subtle differences between the two.

The choice between them depends on your use case. Sometimes CouchDB is better than MongoDB.
Checkout this comparative to see the differences.



I really like documented databases like MongoDB. Because they are mastless. You can simply insert a search and update your records without specifying the schema first. But you can define it in your own project logic. You have more freedom.

It would be nice to have a nested NoSQL database. Similar to SQLite, but document oriented. I am currently developing it in Java. (You can also use it with Android app):



I'm happy with MongoVue . I've made a couple of videos about this here .



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